Pergola Price Calculator

Use this pergola cost calculator to get a rough estimate of the price of your pergola!

  1. Use the slider to determine the square footage
  2. Choose the wood type you would like
  3. Make a selection on your roofing material preference
  4. Make a selection on your stain preference
  5. Click “next” to get approximate pricing on your selections.

We will receive a notification of your request and reach out to schedule an appointment.  Simple as that!

A Few Notes:

  • The pergola price calculator provides an approximate pricing estimate only.  Pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • Longer spans (20′ and over) will require special order material.  Additional fees may apply.
  • If your pergola is under 150 square feet, there may be additional charges or fees.
  • Pricing is for our standard design. Contact us for more custom design options.
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“][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Square Feet ” value=”0;1000;1;1″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Wood Choice” value=”Pressure Treated Pine;26;The economical choice, long lasting, easy to stain.
Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar;32;A higher quality wood, looks fantastic, the best option for outdoor use.
” images=”15007,15008″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Roofing choice” value=”Wood slats only;0;2×2 wood slats across the top spaced every 12“ (included in our standard build).
Wood slats only;4;2×2 wood slats across the top spaced every 6“.
Wood slats only;5;2×2 wood slats across the top spaced every 4“.
Wood slats only;6;2×2 wood slats across the top spaced every 2“.
Add Basic Polycarbonate Roofing;6;Add basic polycarbonate roofing panels for some shade and rain protection.
Add Mid-grade Polycarbonate Roofing;12;Add mid-grade polycarbonate roofing panels for better quality, better protection and cooler patio temperatures.
Add Premium Polycarbonate Roofing;18;Add premium polycarbonate roofing panels for the highest quality, best look, best protection and much cooler patio temperatures.
Add R Panel Metal Roofing;8;Add r panel metal roofing panels for complete shade, great quality, a good look and great protection.
Add Standing Seam Metal Roofing;12;Add standing seam metal roofing panels for complete shade, great quality, a great look and great protection.” images=”15043,15475,15477,15476,15042,15461,15389,15473,15256″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Stain” value=”No Stain;0;Plain, unstained wood. No protection from the elements
Stained Wood;6;High-quality commercial grade exterior stain. Provides great protection, durability and longevity.
Two-tone Stain;7;Use 2 different stain colors. Provides great protection, durability and longevity.” images=”14963,15397,15472″][/bt_cc_group][/bt_cost_calculator]