Our Wood Pergola Design

Our standard pergola design includes 4 main parts:

Posts – 6×6 lumber is standard, but can be upgraded to bigger 8×8 posts for an additional fee. The posts are either attached to existing patio with 3 inch concrete anchors, or set in concrete in the ground (approximately 24” deep.)

Beams – 2×8 or larger, depending on size of the pergola. There is one double-beam on each side of the pergola. The beams will hang out approx 12 inches past the edge of the post and will be the support for the rafters.

Rafters – 2×6 or 2×8 depending on the size of the pergola. The rafters run opposite from the beams and are spaced at 12” on center. The rafters on a pergola are responsible for the majority of the shade and that is why it is important that they are spaced close and made from larger wood. Because of the angle of the sun at most times of the day, its actually the vertical height of the rafter (8 inches in a 2×8) that is most important in determining the amount of shade that you get from your pergola.

Top Slats
– 2×2 or 2×4 lumber depending on wood type. Pressure treated pine will come with 2×4 top slats and cedar will come with 2×2 slats. Along with the rafters, the top slats will help to produce shade. Adding more or larger top slats will produce more shade. Contact us for options and pricing on custom options.

Roofing Options

Our pergolas can be built with one of three roofing options:

Wood Slats:

Our standard pergola comes with wood cross slats that provide a small amount of shade protection. The wood slats have a clean look, and can compliment almost any style of home.

Polycarbonate Panels:

These plastic-like panels can be added on top of the wood slats to offer added protection from rain and sun.

Sheet Metal Panels:

Similar to our polycarbonate option, metal sheets can be added on top of the regular wood slats to give strong protection against rain and sun.