Our Pergola Pricing:

Pressure Treated Pine = $20/sq ft

Red Cedar = $27/sq ft

Our pricing includes materials, delivery, install, and taxes. No hidden fees. Free standing or attached to house no additional cost.


Pergola Options:


  • Polycarbonate panels (clear and tinted) add a roof panel to the top of the pergola to block water, rain, leaves, and UV rays. Poly panels are an additional $4 per square foot.
  • Additional Posts: Our pergolas come standard with 4 posts. Additional posts are $250 for Pine or Cedar.
  • Additional top slats for increased shade are an added $3 per square foot (double slats).
  • Additional height: our standard height is approx 8’ from the ground to the top of the pergola. If you would like your pergola higher there is a $200 cost per foot of additional height.


How to determine pricing:

Our pricing is very straightforward. To calculate the approximate cost of your pergola you will need to determine the total square feet of coverage area. Measure the length and width of the area you want the pergola to cover and multiply those numbers to get the total square feet coverage. Then multiply this number by the square foot cost above, depending on the type of lumber you choose.

It’s ok if you don’t know the exact size yet– we just like to give our potential customers a way to determine an approximate cost so they can decide if our pergola is within their budget. This way we can save your time and ours. Then when you’re ready, we’ll come out and meet with you to help you determine the exact dimensions, location, and cost for your pergola. See the how it works page for more details.

Note: If you’re comparing our pergola pricing to another company, make sure that you look closely at the materials used. Most companies out there use smaller rafters and space them farther apart to save on material costs. Not only does this make the pergola less stable, but it also eliminates much of the pergolas ability to create shade, which is the main reason most people want pergolas in Texas. Got to our design page for more info about the design of our pergolas.