Pergola Pricing

Pressure Treated Pine – Starts at $26 sqft

Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar – Starts at $32 sqft

  • Labor, Materials, Delivery, Install, and Taxes are included.
  • No hidden fees, no bait and switch, what you see is what you get.
  • This price is for our standard build, but custom options are available.

Custom Options

  • Stain:  Add a layer of protection and beauty by having us stain or paint your structure.  We can use almost any color or combination of colors you can think of.  Pricing for stain starts at $6 sqft.
  • Top Slats:  Our top slats are attached on top of the rafters and run along the width of the structure.  They provide extra shade and help to tie the structure together  Our standard build includes 2×2 lumber spaced 12″ apart. If you want maximum shade, we can space the top slats closer together (6″, 4″ or 2″) or we can use 2×4 lumber in place of the 2×2. Prices vary, contact us for more custom options.
  • Roofing:  Our polycarbonate roof panels provide cover while still letting light through; they are a great addition for your outdoor experience; pricing starts at $6 sqft for our basic panels.  Our metal roof panels are great for carports and provide the maximum amount of protection; pricing starts at $12 sqft.  Learn more about our different roofing options here.
  • Privacy Blind:  Once your structure is up we can easily add on a privacy blind to block the view of a busy street, provide more privacy from neighbors, add more shade, and create a more cozy intimate feel.  We use 1×6 rough cedar slats for construction of the privacy blinds, but custom options are available.  Prices vary, contact us for more custom options.

How to determine the size of your pergola?

Don’t know the exact size yet???…Don’t really know what you’re looking for yet???  Just want to talk to us about it your idea???…that’s totally fine too.  Give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment.


How to determine pricing?

Our pricing is very straightforward:

  • Choose which material you want to use (Treated Pine or Cedar).
  • Determine the square footage of the area you want to cover (see above).
  • Multiply this square footage by your material square footage price.

See the how it works page for more details.

Privacy Blind