Our Pergola Pricing:

Pressure Treated Pine = Staring at $26/sq ft

Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar = Starting at $32/sq ft

Our all-inclusive pricing includes: materials, delivery, install, and taxes. No hidden fees.


Upgrade Options:

  • Roofing Options: Roofing options start at $6 per square foot installed. Learn more about roofing options here.
  • Top slats: Top slats are the 2″ x 2″ pieces on the very top that typically run the long direction.  Our standard spacing is 12″ between top slats and this will give a moderate amount of shade from your pergola. If you want maximum shade we offer an upgrade that will move the top slats spacing closer together to 6″, 4″ or even 2″ for maximum shade. Additional top slats start at $4 / square foot for 6″ spacing. Contact us for more custom options.
  • Privacy Blind: Once your pergola is up we can easily add wooden slats across one or more sides to block the view of a nosy neighbor, busy street or to add more shade later in the day when the sun comes in from an angle.
  • Stain: If you’d like us to stain or seal your pergola we can do that at the same time we build it.  Stain pricing is typically $6 / square foot.

How to determine pricing:

Our pricing is very straightforward. To calculate the approximate cost of your pergola you will need to determine the total square feet of coverage area. Measure the length and width of the area you want the pergola to cover and multiply those numbers to get the total square feet coverage. Then multiply this number by the square foot cost above, depending on the type of lumber you choose.

It’s ok if you don’t know the exact size yet– we just like to give our potential customers a way to determine an approximate cost so they can decide if our pergola is within their budget. This way we can save your time and ours. Then when you’re ready, we’ll come out and meet with you to help you determine the exact dimensions, location, and cost for your pergola. See the how it works page for more details.


How to determine the size of your pergola:

How to measure the size of your pergola:  The rafters and top slats typically have a one foot overhang past the posts.  The total coverage of the pergola is calculated based on the total length of the rafters and top slats including the one foot overhang.   So for example lets say that you have a patio that measures 10×10.  If we place the posts at the edge of the patio and account for a one foot overhang on each side you will end up with total coverage being 12×12.  So a 100 square foot patio will often have a pergola that measures 144 square feet.  This will maximize the ground space of the patio by placing the posts as far out as they can go, and it will also maximize the shade coverage of the pergola itself.

Privacy Blind