Roofing Options

Basic Polycarbonate

Our basic polycarbonate roofing panels are made from a lightweight, durable thermoplastic material that provides shade and protection from the elements. The panels come in bronze and clear colors that go well with a variety of colors schemes. Basic polycarbonate roofing panels can be installed for an additional $6 per square foot.


Multi-wall Polycarbonate

We offer multi-wall polycarbonate panels in a mid-grade or premium level.  Both options are 8mm thick providing increased protection from rain, wind, hail and snow.  Both options come in clear, bronze and white color options to complement any color scheme.  Additionally, both options provide increased UV protection and can reduce the temperature under your structure by an amazing 15 degrees!

Mid-grade option – This option has 2 walls and is fastened directly to the canopy of the structure with exposed fasteners.  These panels look good and provide increased durability and longevity over the basic option.  Pricing starts at $12 per square foot.

Premium option – This option has 4 walls and is fastened to the canopy of the structure with hidden clips.  A  seam caps is locked on top of the clips for a very clean look that is highly desirable.  These panels look amazing and provide the highest level of durability and longevity.  Pricing starts at $18 per square foot.

Mid Grade Polycarbonate
Traditional Attached 4x12 beam 8x8 posts w Hercules roof

Sheet Metal Panels

Metal roof panels can be added to any structure to provide the most protection against the elements.  These panels provide complete shade and are great for carports or areas where maximum protection is desirable.  We install either the R panel or ShurLoc175 standing seam panel and can get almost any color you choose. Pricing for our R panel installation starts at $8 sqft. Pricing for our ShurLoc 175 panel installation starts at $8 sqft.  Pricing for both panels includes color matched trim.

R Panel Metal Roof