Carports and Pavilions

Custom Carports

Carports can be very simple functional structures or they can be high end design/build projects designed to blend with the house or match a specific style.  Because of rising property values in Austin, it’s becoming more common to find garages converted to living spaces.  Many builders are choosing to build houses without garages to maximize the square feet of livable space.  These garage conversions commonly leave homes without protected parking for vehicles.  A carport is the perfect solution to this problem.

We design and build wood, steel and wood/steel combo carports.  Are you already working with an architect?  We’re happy to build off existing plans and can work with your architect or designer to build your custom project.

Carports start at $40 sqft which includes R panel roofing.

Custom Pavilions

Looking for a gorgeous pavilion to add to your outdoor living space?…we can do that too!  We can work with you to design and build a pavilion that will fit your needs and add a level of grandeur to your backyard.  With that said, pavilions are the most beautiful and most difficult structures for us to build.  We have many available options for posts, beams, roof panels, king and queen posts, metal column caps, decorative metal plates, tongue and groove ceilings and more.  Because of all these options and design ideas, we have to make an appointment to understand the scope of your project before giving a build price.

Contact us today to get one of these projects started!

Pavillion w TG ceiling 8
Carport:T&G Storage Area
Carport with R Panel Metal Roof and Privacy Blind

Custom Pavilions

Pavilions are outdoor patio structures that differ from pergolas in a few ways.  The main difference is instead of having a flat roof they usually have a gable style roof with a ridge in the middle.  They are usually a little more elaborate and often larger size than a pergola, although a pavilion can be built in just about any size.  Pavilions are usually open-sided buildings with a solid roof for protection from the elements.  Pavilions are typically not attached and are built as freestanding structures separate from the main building or house.

Pavilion prices start at $40/ square foot. Call, text or email us for a custom quote.

IMG_4008 (1)

Benefits of adding a Carport to your home

austin carports protect you from weather

Protection from the Elements

A carport can protect your vehicle from harsh Central Texas weather. Austin is known for scorching hot summers, wet and rainy spring, and intermittent hail storms throughout the year. A carport can protect your car or truck from damage and keep your car cooler in the summer.

carports add value to your home

Add Value to Your Home

A well designed carport can add curb appeal and value to your home. Oftentimes we install carports on houses that are on the market, because the money spent on the carport can sometimes return 2x or 3x the money when the home sells. Curb appeal is a hugely important to the selling price of your house (it also can make your neighbors jealous!)

austin carports are convenient


A carport can make your day much easier on days where it is raining. Skip the umbrella and rain coat and walk out to your car while staying dry! Our customers also love our carports in the summer, because the shade that they create can keep your car cooler (sometimes up to 30 degrees!)

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