Our Standard Pergola Design


Our standard post option is 6×6 lumber for both treated pine and cedar.  We also offer an option for 8×8 cedar posts or steel posts depending on the application and your preference.  Additional charges may apply.

Post Attachment

If the posts are attached to an existing concrete slab they will be mounted with heavy duty 1/2″ inch concrete anchors and a Simpson Strong Tie brand commercial grade mounting bracket. Then we will wrap the bottom of the post with trim pieces so that the metal bracket doesn’t show.  This hardware and process are included in our standard build, but we do have options for decorative hardware for an additional charge.

Alternatively, if the posts are going in the ground they will be set in a hole that is filled with concrete similar to the way a fence post would be set.  We also have an option to construct concrete footings depending on the application and your preference.  Additional charges may apply.


We use 2×8 lumber for the beams on both the traditional and modern style pergolas.  The traditional style will have double beams (one set in the front and back) spanning the width of the pergola.  The modern style will have perimeter beams (one on each side) enclosing the pergola.  We have options to use larger lumber for the beams depending on the size, shape, design preference and application.  Additional charges may apply.


The rafters are responsible for a large portion of the shade and the majority of the visual bulk of the pergola.  We use 2×6 lumber spaced 12” apart for the rafter on both traditional and modern styles. The rafters run along the depth of the pergola perpendicular to the double beams on a traditional style pergola.  The rafters on a traditional style pergola will overhang the double beams by 12″ and will be enclosed inside the structure on a modern style pergola.  We have options to use larger lumber for the rafters depending on the size, shape, design preference and application.  Additional charges may apply.

Top Slats

The layout and spacing of the top slats will most determine the amount of shade that your pergola will have. We use 2×2 cedar for the top slats on both the traditional and modern style pergolas (pressure treated pine structures include 2×4 top slats). The top slats run parallel to the width of the structure with a standard spacing of 12″.  We have options for spacing and lumber size; prices vary depending on the design and size of your structure.

Choose Attached or Freestanding


A freestanding pergola is not attached to the house and will typically have a post in each corner to make it independent of the house.



An attached pergola will be constructed with a ledger board that is attached to the house and will typically need on 2 posts on the opposite corners. The ledger board is installed on the eve trim (facia) or directly to the side of the house.  This will be determined at the time of the appointment.

attached pergola

If a ledger board can’t be installed properly or if you want another attachment option, we’ve got you covered there as well.  Our custom steel mounting brackets make the pergola “float” and allow us to provide you with a safe and secure alternative for every potential attachment issue.

What are the differences:


Freestanding pergolas have a greater degree of design freedom, but typically require more space to build and don’t blend in as well as an attached pergola does.


Attached structures are limited in design by the structure that we attach it to.  Some things to consider are the overall size limitations, potential to block windows and doors, height limitations and potential attachment issues.  On the good side, attached pergolas blend in better for a more uniform look and create a very usable space close to your house.

Permitting/HOA Requirements

Any and all necessary permits and/or home owner’s association approvals are the responsibility of our customers.  Our projects take us all over Texas and every place has its own rules…it’s impossible to keep track of all of them.  If needed, we can provide drawings or renderings at an additional cost.

Are you confused and have no idea whether you should attach or not attach? Not to worry, the experienced staff at Austin Pergola Company have built hundreds of pergolas in almost every imaginable type of house and patio set up. Contact us today to set up a time for a free in-person consultation and we’ll make sure you have the information and knowledge to make the best possible decision for your specific situation.